AO Open

Provides a native IBM i based environment for delivery of a rich user interface or micro services for access from any device, anywhere, at any time.

AOO delivers a native device-agnostic user interface (also known as “delivery channel”) with dynamic, adaptive multi-channel user interface or micro services rendering. This enables easy support of rich, thin (or fat) user interfaces on mobile devices, browsers and potentially any future disruptive technology. Developers can then rapidly (but gradually) convert entire green screen applications for improved end user productivity, focusing on maximum ROI achievement.


Database: The foundation of true Preserve and extend legacy applications with a database renovation (modernization) approach

Through native database renovation (modernization), it is possible to implement a solution with minimum disruption using a low-risk, gradual, iterative process to ensure no loss of business continuity and to support parallel databases during the process. This iterative, gradual and non-disruptive process allows implementation without the use of surrogates, without Level ID changes (in Phase 1) or necessarily access to source code (for maximum ROI and value, you will need the source code if you want to completely renovate (modernize) your application). This can be achieved with minimal risk or down time.

The final result is a modern application architecture with a clear separation between the database, the user interface and business unique application logic. This means that companies can reclaim their agility, regain their competitive advantage and respond more rapidly to changes in the business environment.