AO Education

AO IBM i Advanced Modernization Workshop

This workshop is intended to provide the IBM i professional, specifically the RPG programmer, with an overview of the newest capabilities which have been provided in the RPGILE language and elsewhere in IBM i to allow for vastly improved productivity, agility and performance for the development of systems.

In addition this workshop will provide methods and techniques to allow for the gradual low-risk modernization of existing applications to take advantage of all the developments and advancements of the IBM i platform, the DB2 database and the RPGILE language.

The following sections briefly outline the topics to be covered during the approximately 48 hours that the workshop will last. From experience of this type of workshop, it is not really possible to say which topic/s will be covered in which session. This depends largely on the feedback and involvement of the students attending, as we tailor every workshop based on the actual coding and design practices in use at the particular installation.

As the workshop is designed to build progressively from one session to another it is essential that the successful applicant be committed to the full workshop. As there will also be requirements for additional exercises and additional reading outside the workshop sessions it would be advisable to provide for about 3 hours of time between sessions to accommodate this “homework”.