We pride ourselves in the large amount of experience we have to deliver professional and quality services focussed on customer requirement.

No job is too small or too big for us, as we are sure you will agree. Quality service is what makes for happy customers.

Our main focus is full spectrum renovation (modernization) of your heritage IBM i applications, which includes:

  1. Outsourced upgrading and migrating of all ISAM (record level access – DDS) databases to the native SQE (SQL) engine, using Adsero Optima Foundation.
  2. Day-to-day database administration, using Adsero Optima Foundation.

While the basic installation of our AO Foundation product is fairly easy, we will work with you to:

1. Gather information
2. Research and build requirements
3. Provide recommendations based on our experience, as well as best practices
4. Define project objectives and deliverables
5. Manage and report on project delivery
6. Assist in product integration for a cohesive solution
7. Provide highly experienced consultants to assist you with project delivery

We will perform all of this on site at your location and/or remotely via VPN type technology, all based on your requirements and/or preference.