About Us

TEMBO shares the view of the broad IT community that the IBM i (and its predecessors AS400, S36 and S38) is still the best and lowest cost, high volume transaction processing server in the world. More important is that we recognize the value of purpose written applications for specific business processes, as well as the encapsulated data that was captured over years.

Adsero Optima® (AO) consists of a range of tools that are built and maintained by us, to assist IBM i users to unlock this value in IT investments. The primary focusses are innovation and provision of application renovation (modernization) solutions to optimize ROI on proven applications and data.

 Although our knowledge base is spread on full spectrum application renovation (modernization)and improving efficiencies within IT, our core focus is to assist companies to leverage the value of integrity and existing historic data.

We do believe that if used properly, RPG IV and DB2 (SQL) on IBM i will outperform any other language and database combination (from any supplier) for high volume, commercial online transaction processing.


Our primary focus is on Master Database Management for the IBM i, where we believe most of all companies’ value is encapsulated. This Master Database Management tool, AO Foundation, ensures a cockpit view and manages most of what happens in your database. It, furthermore, can manage the migration (modernization) from DDS to DDL, clean up and manage your metadata (data dictionary), as well as further renovation (modernization) of your entire application with minimum disruption and risk of availability of your current system.


Our primary objective is to facilitate in the unlocking of existing (quite often hidden) value within your current IBM i software and infrastructure, helping you to maximize the ROI (return on investment) on your current infrastructure. We pride ourselves as truly customer driven, committed to assist our customers, who we view as partners, to maximise return on investment of your current computer software, leveraging this investment to maximum benefit of all users. We do not believe in the concept of “impossible”.


We, furthermore, offer a roadmap and training to facilitate the use of new methodologies and functionality available for proper renovation (modernization) of your IBM i system. With this roadmap, we assist you to separate the database layer (model), the user interface/user experience (view) and business unique logic (controller).This enables you to have a much improved response to existing and future maintenance requests, and development of new functionality.

Our Vision

With the focus on IBM i and its predecessors (AS400, S36 and S38), our vision is to build processes and tools that will ensure maximum ROI to these technology users. Our vision is also to assist these users further by using our products, training, examples, etc. to extend their initial investment in their IBM i, as well as their competitive advantages of specialized processes built into their computer systems, by at least another 20 years.

Your success is our success.

Our Values

As a company, we consider the following fundamental principles of critical importance in our quest to serve you better. They are principles that influence our every action and are instilled in every individual with which we partner.

  • Absolute integrity
  • LRA: Loyalty, respect, and accountability
  • Tradition of partnerships
  • Ethos of talent development and nurturing
  • Fixed on value unlocking
  • Results-driven

Our People

We pride ourselves by only associating with the best of the best. Our staff members have an average experience per staff member of almost 30 years. By partnering with us, you will be assured of our uncompromising commitment and dedication to deliver the highest levels of service.

Board of Directors

Marinus van Sandwyk

Marinus van Sandwyk

Chief Executive Officer

Tommy Atkins

Tommy Atkins

Chief Development Officer

Piet du Toit

Piet du Toit

Chief Operations Officer

Angelika van Sandwyk

Angelika van Sandwyk

Non-executive Director

Why ‘Adsero Optima®’?

Adsero is a variation of the Latin verb ‘assero’, which means ‘to assert or claim’. Combined with ‘optima’ it translates as:

‘We claim excellence’.


The fundamental objective and drive behind Adsero Optima is to facilitate you to ‘Reclaim your Heritage, unleash your data value’, as we fundamentally believe that there is enormous untapped value in your heritage (legacy) systems and data. This assertion is supported by extensive research and opinion by the leading consulting (Aberdeen, Butler Group, Forrester Research, Gartner, IDC, et al) houses of the world.

The Adsero Optima® (AO) suite of products is developed, distributed and owned by TEMBO Application Generation (Pty) Ltd (referred to as ‘TAG’), a subsidiary of the TEMBO Group of companies.

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